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Resilient Metal Seals

Dependable Sealing Solutions for Safety-Critical
And Extreme Service Environments

There are some applications where polymer seals; PTFE, PEEK or elastomeric seals such as HNBR, Viton FKM or even FFKM just cannot provide the leak resistance, resilience, or seal reliability that is needed in severe applications.

Such challenges can come from a variety of sources, including combinations of extreme pressure, extreme temperatures, and extremely corrosive media. The answer in those situations lies in metal seals. Chemical and plastic processing is one of the major areas where metal seals have proven invaluable, especially in valves and pumps.
Advanced EMC Technologies provides solutions to the most demanding sealing applications with our MetXSeal, Resilient Metal Seals that can meet industries most challenging service.

Selecting the Optimum Seal

resilent-img-1Depending on the required tightness, the surface finish of the groove and the media to be sealed, we select the proper plating or coating for your application. For a softer plating or coating, the seating load of a low load C Ring may suffice to create the necessary stress to make the selected plating material flow. In higher temperature service or when other service conditions dictate the use of harder plating, a spring energized seal may be the correct choice.

MetXSeal Design’s Available:

  • Metal O-Seal
  • Spring Energized Metal O-Seal
  • Metal C-Seal
  • Spring Energized Metal C-Seal
  • Spring Energized Aluminum C-Seal
  • MetXSeal Properties provide.
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Radiation and corrosion resistance
  • Low load compared to flat gaskets, RTJ’s
  • High elastic recovery over an extended service life
  • Temperatures from -518 F (-270 °C) up to 1200 F (+650 °C- higher on request)
  • Pressure from ultra-high vacuum up to +500 MPa
  • Leakage rates better than 10-10 Pa.m³/s possible with proper design
  • No explosive decompression as in rubber seals

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Seal diameter range from .196”OD (5 mm) up to 13’OD (4 meters)
  • Cross sections from .030” (0.79 mm) up to .500” (12.70 mm)
  • Non-standard cross sections available on request
  • Shaped seals, race track, rectangular and others

Industry Applications:

  • Gas Turbine Casing
  • Gas Turbine Combustor
  • Gas Turbine Compressor Sections
  • Gas Turbine Cooling Air
  • Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzles
  • Gas Turbine Fuel Systems
  • Gas Turbine, Turbine Sections
  • Gas Turbine Vane Seal
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Nuclear Waste Container Casks
  • Oil Field Control Systems
  • Piping and Flanges
  • Steam Turbine Casing Seals
  • Valve Seats
  • Valves
  • Turbochargers
  • Engine Exhaust Systems

To obtain the target leak rate, it is recommended to:


  • Design the assembly as stiff and rigid as possible
  • Select the flange type
  • Select bolts of suitable strength and quantity
  • Select the seal requiring the best ratio load vs. elastic spring back
  • The use of soft plating types if allowed and possible
  • Select the biggest possible cross section for the given diameter
  • Use metal seal grades having the best mechanical properties, even at high temperatures

For technical questions please call Advanced EMC Technologies or submit an online quotation listing your specific application details.